What else can I do while I stay at the farm?

Using the grounds:

Guests who are staying with us are very welcome to walk the farm by yourself but please read & sign your safety waiver in your cottage before taking any of the adventures on the farm.


Book a guided experience with Stacey. You will be taken for a guided walk of farm to see the farm/herd. Stacey will help you understand horses from a horses point of view.

Guided Farm walk with horses & learn 30 min walk. – $55incl GST up to 4 people Terms & Conditions. Online or cash payment to be made before we start.

Please fill out your details below to book into one of the above options. Fees apply. Booking times apply. Note that Stacey has other roles and may not be available for spur of the moment bookings so we advise you to pre book before your stay. And we would appreciate payment before hand so Stacey does not have to ask for payment during the experience. Thanks.

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    Other things to do on the farm:

    • Book into one of our Art & Wellness Retreats
    • Spend time in the Gardens
    • Visit the Dams & watch for water fowl
    • Play in the garden activities amongst the homestead gardens. Giant Chess, Giant Naughts & Crosses,
    • Photography of nature.
    • Due to Covid, Insurance companies are very scarce to approve farm activities un-supervised, so we apologise we cant offer all our exciting experiences until we are respectfully covered. Will will keep this site updated accordingly.
    • Please be sure to read the Terms & Conditions